Register Your trutankless® : Enable Smart Features

Congratulations on the purchase of your trutankless® whole-home, smart, electric tankless water heater. Please reference this Quick Start Guide and then click below to begin the process. You will be redirected to the account set-up page. Then, select CREATE NEW ACCOUNT and follow the steps listed in the guide.

Note: If you prefer to register your trutankless® unit without smart features and home network connectivity (not recommended), please scroll down to the next section.

Register Your trutankless® : Registration Only

Some homeowners prefer to not connect to a home network and our cloud. The unit will still provide the endless hot water for your home as promised. If you prefer to only register the unit and forgo the online connectivity and smart features, please fill out the form below to register your unit. You can always connect the unit to your home WiFi network and our cloud at a later date.