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Trutankless boasts professional rep coverage in every target market at this time. Bollente has 7 outside rep agencies employing over 50 reps introducing trutankless to their customers across 18 states. Customers in areas not covered by agencies are served by a trutankless inside sales force. The company will continue to add rep agencies.


602.258.1557 | repnet1.com
• Arizona
• New Mexico
• Las Vegas, NV
• El Paso, TX

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916.386.2233 | repcor1.com
• Northern California
• Nevada (Excluding Las Vegas)
• Hawaii

O’Connor Sales

562.403.3848 | oconnorsales.net
• Southern California

Dillard and Associates

Dallas: 972.278.2000
San Antonio: 210.824.4881
• Texas (Excluding El Paso)

HOK Sales

800.323.4498 | hoksales.com
• Illinois
• Indiana

AH Deveney

800.338.3639 | ahdeveney.com
• Louisiana
• Alabama
• Arkansas
• Mississippi
• Tennessee
• Kentucky
• West Virginia
• Florida Panhandle

The Pointer Agency

678.378.1244 | pointeragency.com
• Georgia

Blumenauer Corporation

407.656.7575 | blumenauerpumps.com
• Florida (Excluding Panhandle)

Factory Representative

Eddie Drozd: 904.315.6782
• Florida

Gabe Tijerina: 480.825.7463
• Arizona
• New Mexico
• El Paso, TX